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I, Dr. Antoine FARAH, Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon designed this website to provide answers to common questions about aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine with the procedures that I practice.
This website aims to improve but not to replace the existing
patient-surgeon relationship. It is very important that you know me better especially my background, my education and my scientific and research activities.
I practice all aesthetic surgery interventions and cosmetic medicine for which I have been trained for 20 years.
The aim of the consultation is to inform you and know you, in order to define the indication of any medical or surgical technique that would suit you the best.
Patients are not operated by a website, or a clinic seen on the net or on the basis of the discounted price, but by a surgeon. You should know that during surgery,
the only thing that counts is the surgeon's experience.
Troughout my surgical practice, my philosophy is
competence, continuous research, development and high quality surgery.
Everybody wants to look as good as possible. Fortunately, facial and body rejuvenations are not seen as vain or vanity today. After all, what could possibly go wrong if someone wished and tried to get rid of those unsightly looks that fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet create or to find a solution for such more serious, medical conditions such as lipodystrophy, small or very big breast, big nose…. It is your right to avail every chance that can help you look and be at your best. Cosmetic surgery affords you such a chance.
Cosmetic surgery is an Art at the service of the other. Cosmetic surgery consultation is a privileged moment of listening and exchange. The cosmetic surgeon is here to listen to you, to respond to your request, to answer your questions, to bring you all the necessary information.

But you must know how to choose your surgeon. Choosing the right surgeon is the most important decision. Our best advice therefore is to be safe while you get the best results, and in order to make this happen, focus on finding a surgeon who is not merely well trained or qualified, but also is highly competent and with vast, long standing experience. The cosmetic surgeon will take a professional look at your request and apply current modern techniques to achieve natural results, with maximum security. The gesture can be finely adapted to demand.
There are basically two types of cosmetic surgery procedures namely non-invasive and invasive. Non-invasive cosmetic improvements feature skin resurfacing through peels, lasers and dermabrasion, Botox injections and skin filler injections as well as hair removal by laser treatments. On the other hand, Invasive plastic surgery includes procedures like breast augmentation, face lifts, liposuction and tummy tucks.
All these techniques are developed in my site so you can get an idea about one or several interventions prior to your consultation.

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